de zwarte zusters

De zwarte zusters is a project founded in 2016 by Gustave Demoen. At the time, he was studying at the LUCA School of Arts and brought together a large group of fellow students and visual artists with the plan of starting a musical project. Meanwhile, de zwarte zusters counts 22 musicians.

A concert by de zwarte zusters is an experience. During each performance, while improvising, they explore the tension between the musical and the visual performative, in which the search for collective value, for friendship and for trust are central. Musically, de zwarte zusters enjoy experimenting and contrasting. De zwarte zusters consists of trained and untrained musicians who continue to challenge and surprise each other. Besides the musical aspect, there is also a great deal of attention for the visual and performative.

Since their first rehearsal in 2016, Cato Van Rijckeghem joined de zwarte zusters as their in-house photographer.